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PSYA01H3 Study Guide - Cognitive Neuroscience, Comparative Psychology, Physiological Psychology

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Steve Joordens

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Lecture 01
Chapter 1
What is Psychology?
- Psychology
- A science on behaviour
- Psychologists use investigation to find connectors between effect and cause
- Casual Events - An event that causes another to occur
- Physiological psychology:
- Physiological basis of behaviour
- Body's reaction
- Comparative psychology:
- Different organism studies to understand adaptive and functional significance of
behaviours and relation to evolution
- Behaviour analysis:
- Study of effect of environment on behaviour
- Behaviour genetics:
- Role of genetics in behaviour

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- Cognitive psychology:
- Studies behaviours in general [everything]
- Cognitive neuroscience:
- Understanding cognition by studying how brain works
- Developmental psychology:
- Study of mental processes as a function of age and experience.
- Social Psychology:
- Effects of people on behaviour
- Personality Psychology:
- Tries to categorize and understand the individual differences in patterns of
behaviour and categorize it.
- Evolutionary Psychology:
- Branch that shows the adaptative advantages that certain behaviours provided
during the evolution of a species
- Cross cultural psychology:
- Culture on behaviour
- Clinical psychology:
- Investigation and treatment of abnormal behaviour and psych disorders
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