PSYA01H3 Midterm: Part1

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Published on 15 Oct 2020
Chapter lIntroducing Psychological Science
Psychology The Scientific Study of behavior thought andexperience andhowtheycanbe
affected by physical mental social and environmental factors
The Scientific Method
Definition away of learning aboutthework through collecting observations developing
theories to explainthem and usingthe theories tomake predictions
For Something to be Scientific or to becalled ascience it
Hypothesis vs Theory
definition atestable prediction about processes thatcanbeobservedandmeasured
thatcan be either Supported or rejected can
not tobeproven
For ahypothesis tobe testable it mustbe false
fable Thehypothesis is precise enoughthat
it couldbe proven false
星座 an idea
thatis presented as science butdoesnot
basic Principles of scientificthinking or procedure Pseudoscience 伪科学
Definition An explanation for abroad range of observationsthat also generates
new hypothesis and inter
grates numerous finds into aCoherent whole
4Hypothesis Theory
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