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16 Dec 2010
Chapter 5- Sensation
Sensor y processing: transduction, sensory coding, psychophysics
Transduction: translat i on of information about environmental events into neural activity
Sensor y info. Must be translated into 2 types(one or the other) neural code: anatomical or temporal.
Psychophysics is the study of relation between physical characteristics of stimuli and perceptions they
Vision: light, eye and functions, transduction of light by photoreceptors, adaptation to light and dark, eye
movement s, colour vision
Photopigments: chemic als that transduce light into neural activity in the photoreceptors neurons in the
retina. Chemical change in photopigments- ability to see bright or dim light
3 types of purposive movements, involuntary movement s in the eye
3 types of cones in reti na: sensitive to wavelength of light, and detect colours.
Audition: Sound, Ear and its functi ons , detecting and localizing sounds in environment, age related losses
in hearing
Gustation: Receptors and sensory pathway, five qualities of taste
Olfaction: anatomy of olfactor y system, dimensions of odour
Olfactor y system-detects presence of aromatic molecules. Hundreds of different types of receptors,
involved wit h olfactor y discrimination, giving us capacity through pattern rec ogniti on to discriminate
different odours.
Somatosenses: ski n senses, internal senses, vestibular senses
Vesti bular system- helps us maintain our balance and makes compensatory eye movements to help us
maintain fixation when our heads move.
Sensation: stimuli (br ightness, colour, warmth, etc)
Perception: animate and inanimate (locations, movements, and backgrounds )
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