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If u score high u r considered impulsive, excitable, and exploratory and if u score low u r considered reflective, stoic, and slow tempered. Natural selection y natural selection- the consequence of the fact that because there are physical and behavioural differences among organisms, they reproduce differentially. Small, thin beaks fed on small seeds covered by weak shells, and birds with large, thick beads fed on large seeds covered by strong shells. By studying the rainfall, it was determined that the food supply of a certain type of beaked bird relied heavily on rain. Therefore the finches with small thin beaks died at a higher rate than large thick birds. During the next few years population of large thick birds increased. The african environment may have turned drier, altering source of food. One line of hominids evolved into a genus with powerful jaws that could crush plants and nuts. They compromise the genus paranthropus. y the other line was australopithecus.

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