PSYA01H3 Study Guide - Final Guide: Peripheral Nervous System, Myelin, Axon Terminal

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19 Jan 2016

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Peripheral nervous system is the gateway between the cns and the body. Autonomic ns: automatic", reflexes, works with organ and muscles of the body, two parts you can flip between: 4 f"s: feeding, fleeing, fighting, making love (; Ex. attacker comes, you either fight back or run away. Ex. stress from not doing readings and then exam time comes, can cause health issues- modern day example. Worried about long term survival, keeping body healthy. Somatic ns: conscious will, ex. accidentally touching a hot iron autonomic. Overrides the autonomic system and sends signals to your leg muscles to hurry up so your arms can let go. Interneurons relay info to cns and then to motor neurons. Neurons: pass signal to other neurons, in many directions (social network analogy) Transmits signals much slower than a wire because it has so many signals at once. Each neuron can only send one signal and at one uniform strength and speed.