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28 Jan 2011
Wednesday, March 3, 2010
Lecture 23
Chapter 15 Social Psychology
Explicit bigots: people who right out say they don`t like people from this race, or
background, or sexual orientation. They’re actually easier to deal with
Implicit bigots: there are some that are really explicit, but they keep their mouths
shut and then there are those who dont know they’re racists.
Narcissist have high explicit self-esteem and very low implicit (true) self esteem
Students level of narcissism have risen
Implicit association test: it doesnt directly ask you if youre racist. For example,
they show you a picture of a face and then they show you either a gun or a tool and
youve got to decide whether its a weapon or a tool. The face is the primer.
When they see a black face, they’re being primed unconsciously to think of violence,
so they’re already thinking of weapon. When they see the weapon come up and they
have to choose between the weapon or tool, they’re faster on the weapon. When they
see a tool, they’re a bit slower.
Compare speed to black face gun, black face weapon, white face gun, white face
This test has been validated
Bigotry and self-esteem are two things that this test targets
Some of these tests are questionable. Another type of implicit test is they ask you to
rate each letter of the alphabet on a scale of one to ten and they look at the average.
There are two letters that youre supposed to like more than the average: your
initials. If you dont rate it significantly higher, you have low self-esteem
Solomon Ash experiment
Which line is the most similar? The subject already has an obvious answer, but
researchers will ask the confederates first, where they will purposely answer the
wrong question and the subject will be asked last. The subject will began to doubt
him/herself and change their answer to everyone elses answer
All of us dont want to be different or embarrassed
The more people there are, the more youre likely to conform
Best way to get people not to conform: all you need is one person. 10 confederates: if
9 of them say the answer is B, but one of them say the answer is C (right answer)
then the subject will say C, too.
Social Facilitation/Loafing
Facilitation: people are more likely to do something when other people are there
If youre in the backyard playing basketball, and a really hot guy/girl walks by, youre
gonna try harder to impress them
Loafing: decreased effort put forth by individuals when working on a group.
They’re gonna slack off. let other people carry the weight.
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