Language: The Brain & Disorders (autism onwards)

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28 Feb 2011

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LEC05 [Chapter 10]Language: The Brain & Language
Autism (read the blurbs on it in CH7)
No test, no scan to diagnose autism, diagnoses is clinical; looks for characteristics
Autism is characterized by 3 general impairments (Autism characteristics):
oDeviant social development (Delayed/absent social development)
Ambiguous sign in early years, little to no reaction to bonding
Example: giggling when tickled, smiles at mother
oDelayed & unusual language development
May have no language, or if there were it may be a bit unusual, the
way its presented & used
oRepetitive & ritualistic behavior
Lets of repetition, and often prefers to be left alone in this ritualistic
Something that they like to do, and they would do it over & over again
Example: lining stuff up.
While other children like to spend time with parents and
others, an autistic child would want to spend time alone with
familiar toys, arranging them into a certain order, anything out
of order is irritating.
oOverflow behavior
Hand flapping, walking tip toed; serves no purpose
Autism diagnoses is occurs relatively late, child is already few years old
The specific symptoms of autism vary a lot & the impairment is often difficult to
Autism is a lifelong condition, there are therapies; better to start early
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oControversy, because therapy is intense, require a lot of time, skills of
therapist and $$ (OHIP does not cover this)
oTherapy, ABA (Applied Behavior Analyze) involves, in educational context
in the school system, analyzing for the purpose of integrating the child in the
classroom, finding what kind of situations set off autistic behaviors, and then
designing an environment that minimizes the likeliness of triggering these
autistic behaviors.
oWhats really $$$ $ intensive is IBI (Intensive Behavioral Intervention)
trained therapist spends time with child, with reinforced procedures in order
to get the child to respond more appropriately to social situation, to feel
emotions, emphasize more emotions for others.
Causes of autism are not well understood
oGenetic link in some cases, a neurological disorder that is recognized by the
late development & abnormal behaviors.
Autism is increasing, a few decades ago, likeliness is 1 in 10,000 but now it is 1 in
There has been theories and assumed, that the cause of autism has to do with
oThere has been studies, and connections between certain vaccinations &
The study was discovered to be a fraud
Many children whose parents heard of the study didnt get their
children vaccinated, and children have died from diseases that the
vaccinated protected against.
oControversial cause there has been studies that showed no connection
Living With Autism Barbara & Sheldons Story [video]
oChildren with autism experience things very differently
oVerbalizing their ideas, and emotions are major obstacles
oVisual thinkers; pictures are their first language words their 2nd.
oHave trouble with imaginative play, social interactions
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