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23 Apr 2012
Broca’s Aphasia Wernicke’s Aphasia
Damage to Left Frontal Lobe
Not Fluent Speech
Rarely use function words & don’t
use tenses such as –ed
Understand everything said to
Have difficulty articulating words
Damage to upper left temporal lobe
Fluent Speech
Person uses function words & employs complex verb
tenses & subordinate clauses; lack of content
words(verbs n’ shit)
Recognizes spoken words but cannot convert
thoughts into words
Cannot comprehend the meaning of words
(recognition does not equal comprehension)
When it gets extreme people start to mumble
Aggrammatism Pure Word Deafness
Damage only to Broca’s AREA
Loss of ability to
produce/comprehend complex
syntactical rules
oCannot understand
complicated sentences
Damage only to Wernicke’s AREA
Inability to understand speech that is heard but can
still read lips and writing
Can still speak properly, hear and write
Can recognize emotions conveyed through pitch and
rhythm but not the actual words
oCan understand through vocal expressions
Autopagnosia Isolation Aphasia
oDamage to part of association
cortex of left parietal lobe
oInability to name Body Parts
oDamage to left temporal & parietal cortex (area
around Wernicke’s Area but not Wernicke’s area
oDamage to area that surrounds Wernicke’s Area
which is the posterior language area which is
responsible for word meanings
oSimilar to Wernicke’s Aphasia but can recognize &
repeat words
Conduction Aphasia
oDifficulty repeating words and
phrases, but they are
oRetain deep structure but not
surface structure
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