PSYA02H3 Study Guide - Final Guide: Antidepressant, Agoraphobia, Genital Stage

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PSYA02H3 Full Course Notes
PSYA02H3 Full Course Notes
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The code: green= definition purple=person blue=some general theme. You will now recite i love jenna with all my heart. Personality: a particular pattern of behaviour and thinking prevailing across time and situations that differentiates one person from another. Trait theories: hippocrates first explanation of traits, had to do with predominance of the 4 humours in the body. chloric increase of yellow bile tempered and irritable. melancholic increase of black bile gloomy and pessimistic. phlematic increase of phlem sluggish and calm. 1 www. notesolution. com: catell: sixteen personality factors, did factor analysis on allport and found 16 different personality traits, eysenck: three factors, did further factor analysis. 3 main factors extroversion(opposite: introversion),neuroticism (opposite: emotional stability), psychoticism (opposite: self control) extroversion: the tendency to seek the company of other people, to be spontaneous and to engage in conversation and other social behaviours with them.

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