PSYA02H3 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Heritability, Problem Solving

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PSYA02H3 Full Course Notes
PSYA02H3 Full Course Notes
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Chapter 10: language: speech branch of psychology devoted to study verbal behaviour. Speech is social, it is learned and used in interaction with others. Left hemisphere showed larger contrast and thus, it plays a larger role in analyzing speech: phonemes: elements (smallest units) of speech. +/n/ : voice-onset time: a way in which we discriminate among phonemes. I t is the delay between the initial consonant sound and vibrating vocal chords (voicing). Eg: there is a delay in voicing for pa compared to ba although the initial sound (made with the mouth) is the same: phonemic discriminations initially occur in both hemispheres. We recognize speech sounds in larger chunks such as syllables: sanders, newport, and neville: played a continuous string of nonsense syllables to listeners. Chunks of this stream were given to participants to study as words. Involves different brain mechanisms than learning word meanings: syntactical clues are designed by:

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