PSYB01H3 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Facial Action Coding System, Ad Hoc Hypothesis, Pseudoscience

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9 Nov 2011

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Psychology: scientific study of people, the mind, and behaviour; focus attention on questions about how we feel, think, behave, believe, and interact. Schswartz: maximization scale; set of 13 statements, 1 disagree completely, 7 agree comp. Maximizers got better jobs but were less satisfied doing better but feeling worse conducting and evaluating psychological research. Scientific method: absolute rules of research reflecting procedures and techniques for. Rules, procedures, and techniques form a unified conceptual framework formal way of thinking about a problem, idea, or question. Empiricism: knowledge is gained through experience, observation, and experiment. Is: can be answered by facts or empirical data; independent of social, cultural, political, and religious preference basis of scientific evidence. Ought: call upon cultural values and ethical considerations; cannot be answered solely on. Theory: coherent set of propositions that are used as principles to describe, understand, and explain psychological or behavioural phenomena. Priori: exists before experimentation or observation; constitute key feature of scientific method.

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