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Chapter 4 82-85 Exam material

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Connie Boudens
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Chapter 4 82-85 Exam Material
Choosing A Method
Lab experimental:
Pros: you can control the variables, and reduce other variable effects
Cons: artificial atmosphere therefore limit generability
1. Field Experiment : - the independent variable manipulated in a natural setting, although
you can still attempt to control extraneous variables. Usually occur ring in public settings
for example mall or nursing home.
Pros: you view t he IV in a natural setting therefore high genralizability. Also there are
many things you can only see through natural setting ie) child rearing techniques
Cons: lack of control of all variables
Ex po facto design: groups in research for med on the biases of some difference
Participant Variables: chara cteristics of the individual
Some research designs are use to predict future behaviour
Multiple methods can provide a complete understanding and show strength of
functional relationship
Validity: refers to the accurate representation of infor mation
Construct Validity: refers to how adequate the operalizational definition of variables are
to design
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