PSYB01H3 Study Guide - Final Guide: Partial Correlation, Null Character, Social Class

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17 Dec 2010

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Levels represent different categories or groups: ordinal minimal quantitative distinctions. No absolute zero: ratio detailed quantitative properties. Three basic ways of describing the results: comparing group percentages. Example: ask boys and girls whether they like school. Find that 60 boys and 75 girls like school. Perform statistical analysis to determine if difference between groups is significant. *here, we are thinking about ways to become familiar with data, and to describe it. Comparing the number of people in each nominal group (in the form of a percent score) is one way of presenting the information, and of relating our findings to our research question: correlating individual scores. Obtain pairs of observations from each subject (each individual has two scores; one from each of the variables) Ask whether variables go together in a systematic fashion by calculating pearson r correlation coefficient (determines strength and direction of relationship)

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