PSYB01H3 Study Guide - Final Guide: Causal Inference, Factorial Experiment, Coefficient Of Determination

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7 Jan 2015

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# of correct hwk could be measured each day during the baseline. Reinforcement procedure would then be introduced where the child receives a old star for correct problems and the # of stars would be accumulated and then exchanged for a prize at the end of the school yr. This treatment would then be discontinued during the second baseline (a) period. The % of bar patrons either serving as or being with a designated driver was recorded over a baseline period of 2 weeks. A treatment to increase the use of designated drivers was then implemented during the treatment phase. Designated drivers received a gas card, and the. 2 driver and passengers received free pizza on their way out of the bar (i would totally do this for the free pizza!). They incentive was droped during the final phase of the study.

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