PSYB10H3 Study Guide - Final Guide: Positive Illusions, Fundamental Attribution Error, Rhesus Macaque

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20 Nov 2016

Document Summary

Attractiveness and liking/attraction: we appear hard-wired to like attractive people. Babies stare at attractive faces for longer. Cross-cultural consistency in judgment of attractive faces: beauty creates halo effect: Beautifulness-is-good stereotype: tendency to associate attractiveness with. Caribbeans: heavier women are judged more attractive than slender women in plaes where food is frequently in short supply. Attractiveness and relationships: we tend to associate with others who are similar to ourselves: matching hypothesis: we seek partners that are of similar attractive to us and are more satisfied with these partners. Evidence: couples of similar attractiveness were more likely to continue dating after a blind date. Recruited dating partners & took a picture of each. 6 months later, researchers contacted dating partners to ask about their relationship. Results: similarity in attractiveness predicted: satisfaction in relationship, relationship longevity, lower break-up rate at 6 month follow-up.