PSYB10H3 Study Guide - Equity Theory, Attachment Theory, Social Exchange Theory

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What is attractive: media tells us what is beautiful, beauty is associated with goodness. Female face that"s considered to be beautiful has more baby face features that men www. notesolution. com. Evolutionary explanations of love: animal"s fitness is measure by its reproductive success so it"s ability to pass on its genes to the next generation. These infants desire to be close to their caregiver but learn to suppress this need, as if they know that attempts to be intimate will be rejected. People with this style find it difficult to become close to other people: infants with an anxious/ambivalent attachment style typically have caregivers who are inconsistent and overbearing in their affection. These infants are unusually anxious, because they can never predict when and how their caregivers will respond to their need. But if they come to know there"s a chronic imbalance then the relationship may end.