PSYB10H3 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Automaticity, Tral

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Lecture 2 the self and self- regulation. The self an individual consciousness of one"s own identity, which includes feelings, observations and thoughts: only primates have the ability to think of the self. Self awareness awareness of the self as an entity that is distinct from others and the environment. Idea that when people focus their attention on themselves they evaluate and compare their behavior with internal standards value, we become self conscious, judgemental observers of yourself: tested with the mark test (rough test) I can reflect on the environment: symbolic self (narrative self) ability to form an abstract mental representation of oneself through language (developing ideas of what you are, a life story) self is inherently social. Self schema: cognitive representation of the self-concept. Set of expectation we have about the world or self. I am kind, funny caring personality description, behavior or traits. I am a parent, a professor social roles relative to other people: twenty statement test.

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