PSYB30H3 Study Guide - Attachment Theory

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Personality traits/dispositions sketching the outline : general, internal, and comparative dispositions accounting for the consistencies we perceive or expect in behavior across situations and time. continuity vs. change of traits over time. Characteristic adaptations filling in the details : adaptations to the motivational, cognitive, and developmental challenges that people confront across the life span. Life stories integrating a life : internalized and evolving narratives of the self that integrate past, present, and future to provide life with a sense of unity and purpose. psychotherapy as revision of the life story. Part ii: constructs, theories, & testable hypotheses, explicitly defined constructs: Theories consist of constructs that organize referents, or observations of reality. Linked by correspondence rules: constructs are linked via correspondence rules that state the relationships between them, specifying testable hypotheses: www. notesolution. com, correspondence rules should be stated explicitly to allow testable. Formalizing informal theories is starting from a basic perspective such as.

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