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11 Apr 2011

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John bowlby: british psychologist - bowl by had been asked by the. British government to look into the question of why so many children following the war who had been displaced, orphaned or hospitalized seemed to be so many unexpected adjustment difficulties. Bowlby was one of the first to go and research about the primacy of the infant- caregiver relation and how important it is for infants to experience a warm, intimate and consistent relationship with their caregivers. Attachment behavioral system: an evolved goal directed, behavioral system that was presumed to regulate children"s distances from their caregivers. Such a system would have been very adaptive over the human evolution the thinking is that children who aren"t bonded to their parents and parents who aren"t bonded to their children are at an adaptive disadvantage. If children wonder away from their parents w/o any distress at such an experience are at greater risk of being injured/killed which limits the reproductive fitness.

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