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Study Guide Answers Chapter 16

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Konstantine Zakzanis

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Chapter 16: Aging and Psychological Disorders
Multiple Choice
2.B disorders of old age in DSM are same for young and old
3.C plaques in Alzheimers are remnants of lost neurons and waxy protein.
Neurofibrillary tangles are tangled abnormal protein filaments
4.B Breaks in chromosome 12 is not factor in Alzheimers disease. Chromosome 1,14,
19 and 21 are factors
5.D delirium can occur at anytime
6.A depression in older ppl diff from younger b/c of more somatic complaints
7.B more hallucations and paranoia in pahraphrenia than schiz.
9.A alcohol abuse more common than previously thought in holder ppl
10.D side effect of sleep drugs, among older adults is reduced REM, insomnia,
respiratory probs
12.B helping clients deal directly with death is recommended content issue in therapy
with older ppl
Short Answer
1.Old ppl are more diverse than younger ppl
2.Delirium has rapid onset, not just forgetful but also confused thinking and
speech. Drastic changes in personality, sleep is messed more hallucinations.
Dementia slower onset, dont know where they are confusion about everyday
3.Nun study was to look at cases of Alzheimers disease. Found ppl with more
linguistic ability less likely to have Alzheimers.
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