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PSYB32H3 Study Guide - Biopolitics, Manuel Castells, Sex Worker

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Mark Schmuckler

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Week 5 Gender and the Global Factory
4 Feb 13
Assignment 1 due in class Monday, but time stamped at 4:30 if you drop in
Daswani‟s box
Last week: thinking of “we” sentiments of nationalism that transcend
Religion, human rights movements, etc.
Creates others saying “we Canadians” is a way of making a distinction
Ong article creation of Chinese diaspora formed through the internet,
although individual nationalities existed in different countries of the
diaspora (Indonesia, Malaysia, etc.)
Thus, Orientalism is built into nationalistic discourses
Can be for a good cause, or can put down another‟s culture
depending on use
Auto-orientalism when people internalize these
Seeing oneself through the eyes dominant perspective creating
Discussion of the difference between sex and gender
Discussion of how sex binaries can have devastating impacts for women
Control in relationships, domestic violence
Constructions of female beauty
Dove advertisements
„Beauty Pressure‟ youtube video –very powerful
Man or woman?
„Sex‟ and „sexuality‟ can also be seen as socially constructed and
How would one perform hetero-normative masculinity/femininity?
Daswani‟s example he was asked once in a class to „perform the
He knew what to do based on learned behaviours from women in
his life
- Women become „natural‟ subjects for sexual exploitation, gendered
stereotypes and labour discipline, due to certain „essential qualities‟ they share,
within a global division of labour
- Foucault‟s idea of disciplinary power is important (creates docile bodies)
„Rosie the Riveter‟ ads from WWII
„The Trouble with Women‟ video
- While globalization also promotes human/gender rights around the world
through social movements women are still subject to inequalities
- Also subjected to homoerotic fantasies of control and domination that
reiterate global relations of political and economic power
Youtube ad: the perfect girlfriend
- Definitions of terms of normative practices are culturally constructed
„The Good Wife‟ video, like an instructional manual
- While they can be redefined and contested these cultural understandings also
affirm patriarchal ideologies with these societies
Pepsi ad from 1957
The feminization of the labour force
Opportunities of daycare, for example
In factories around the developing/Third World women (e.g. „Asian‟) are
seen to be better workers because of certain „natural qualities‟ i.e. small
hands, hardworking, submissive
Jobs outsourced
Deeply gendered images of non-European „other‟ who is docile,
obliging, sexualized, and feminized
“Maids as slaves”
Aljazeera article about Sri Lankan woman beheaded in Saudi Arabia
Certain kinds of humans have less rights: not recognized as modern
humans (“zone of bare life”)
Question risen by Ong: “How are people valued?”
Ong proposes that the space for problematizing the “human” is consulted
by multiple ethical regimes (citizenship, moral systems, NGO
Other notes from the slides….
Read section of Remotely Global speaking about NGOs
Film of the Week: Title? About violence and male dominance in hip hop
ANTB20 Tutorial 4 Week 6
February 11, 2013
Can have office hours by appointment just email
Gender and the global factory
Understanding Ong‟s Theory
Foucault: Biopolitics
o Draws on Foucault
Greek notion in philosophy distinction between zoe
(bare life all humans are alive, reduced to a living
thing) and bios (that you are living as a proper individual
in a group; the form your life takes; a way of living as an
individual in a group)
If you are stripped of your bios, you are only zoe
Who is considered human as part of a biopolitical
community and who is considered inhuman,
reduced to bare life
This theory will not be on the exam
o Biopolitical otherness
o Biowelfare
Citizens/ modern humans vs. bare life
o Sovereignty of the nation-state based on exclusion of living
beings not recognized as modern humans (don‟t have rights of
o E.g. concentration camp no rights therefore reduced to bare
Foucault Biopolitics
o Technology of power that manages people as a group
(concerned with how people live and die)
Concerned with populations and their health and wealth