PSYB32H3 Study Guide - Biopolitics, Manuel Castells, Sex Worker

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Week 5 gender and the global factory. Assignment 1 due in class monday, but time stamped at 4:30 if you drop in. Last week: thinking of we sentiments of nationalism that transcend nation-states. Creates others saying we canadians is a way of making a distinction. Ong article creation of chinese diaspora formed through the internet, although individual nationalities existed in different countries of the diaspora (indonesia, malaysia, etc. ) Thus, orientalism is built into nationalistic discourses. Can be for a good cause, or can put down another s culture depending on use. Auto-orientalism when people internalize these stereotypes/personalizations. Seeing oneself through the eyes dominant perspective creating other. Discussion of the difference between sex and gender. Discussion of how sex binaries can have devastating impacts for women. Sex and sexuality can also be seen as socially constructed and performative. Daswani s example he was asked once in a class to perform the other .

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