PSYB32H3 Study Guide - External Validity, Clinical Formulation, Meta-Analysis

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29 Jun 2013

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Science: pursuit of systemized knowledge through observation, refers to method and goal. Theory: set of propositions meant to explain in a class of phenomena. Primary goal of science is to advance theories to account. Permits generation of hypotheses - expectations about what should occur if a theory is true. Early school of thought, called operationism: proposed each concept take a single observable/measurable operation. Each for data, often by proposing cause-effect relationships theoretical concept could be nothing more than one particular measurable event measured, other behaviour cannot be called learning, attempts to relate the different phenomena to one another might be discourage. If each concept is generalized, it is lost - theoretical concept for learning identified as single operation/effect that can be. Early operationist point of view - flexible position that theoretical concept can be defined by sets of operations or effects. All empirical research entails the collection of observable data.

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