PSYB32H3 : B20 ch 11 notes

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18 Dec 2011

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Socialization : process, ensuring that their child s standard of behavior, attitudes, skills and motives conform as closely as possible to those regarded as desirable and appropriate to her role in society. Parents influence and direct their children, but their children also influence them and play an active role in their own socialization. Families are influenced by the larger physical, cultural , social and historical settings and events around them. Families are not static they change over time. Contexts in which children are embedded play an important role in the developmental trajectories. It must demonstrate equifinality as time goes by developing many similarities with other systems like it but expressing the similarities in diff ways. Interdependency, each fam member and family subsystems influences and is influenced by each other member and subsystem. Families attain homeostasis where they become resistant to forced that might alter the balance. Adaptability is the central criterion of a well functioning family.

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