PSYB32H3 Study Guide - Panic Attack, Systematic Desensitization, Generalized Anxiety Disorder

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31 Mar 2011

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Mc: b, b - fears have the same function, a psychoanalytic theory of phobia is id impulse has connection with symbolic object. Short answer: freudian models for the cause of anxiety disorders assumes it is repressed anxiety, social phobia is unreasonable fear of being around others or pub. situations. Specific phobias occur in specific situations, social phobias occur in a wide variety of situations. e. g. public speaking, talking with others, etc: cognitive research suggests phobic people attend to negative events and believe they. This creates fear of future events and the belief they are more likely to occur. In systematic desensitization for phobias, people are taught to relax and experience the fearful situation e. g. by imagining it: panic is common for canadian university students. B/c the conflict is unconscious, person has anxiety: behaviourists see general anxiety as related to specific situations (phobias). In this case general anxiety would be related to social phobias.

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