PSYB32H3 Study Guide - Word Grammar, Language Acquisition, B. F. Skinner

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17 Nov 2012

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Development of communicative competence = the ability to convey thoughts, feelings and intentions organized in an culturally patterned way that sustains and regulates human interactions. Communication is a two way process: we send messages to others, we receive messages from them thus this is productive language = production of speech. We produce communications using receptive language = the understanding of speech. Children learn about the sounds, meanings, structures and use of language simultaneously. Scholars divide the study of language into 4 main areas: phonology, semantics, grammar, pragmatics. Phonology = the system of sounds that a particular language uses includes language"s basic unit of sounds, phoneme. Grammar = the structure of a language; made up of morphology and syntax: morphology = the study of a language"s smallest units of meaning or morphemes. Grammar rules: negation, interrogation, possession, and the arrangement of subject and order in a statement.

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