PSYB64H3 Study Guide - Axon Hillock, Schwann Cell, Axon Terminal

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2 types of cells, neurons and glia. Neuron is specialized to carry out the functions of info processing and communication. The glia serve a variety of support functions for neurons. Many of the organelles are found in the soma or cell body. Neurons are different from other cells in that they have axons and dendrites which are used to communicate with other cells. The primary types of protein structures are ion channels and ion pumps. Atp which is the major source of energy for the neuron. Another strategy of categorizing neurons is according to the number of branches they have extending from the cell body. Unipolar neurons have single branch from the cell body; invertebrate nervous system; in vertebrate, may be part of sensory systems and autonomic nervous system. Most common neuron type is the multipolar neuron have many branches and can be further classified into shape: ex.