PSYB64H3 Study Guide - Summer 2018, Comprehensive Midterm Notes - Spinal Cord, Neuron, Memory

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12 Oct 2018

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Scienti c study of the brain and nervous system in health and disease. The study of biological foundations of behaviour, emotions, and mental processes. The mind neither physical nor accessible to study through physical sciences. Rather than dualism, proposes mind is result of activity in the brain. Structure of an individuals skull could be created with his or her individual personality characteristics and abilities. The study of cells and tissues at the microscopic level. Device used to make thin slices of tissue for histology. Stain developed by golgi used to observe single neurons. Stain used to view population of cell bodies. Stain used to trace axon pathways from their terminals to points of origin. Imaging technology in which computers are used to enhance x-ray images. Imaging technique that provides info regarding localization of brain activity. Electroencephalogram (eeg) recording of the brains electrical activity through electrodes placed on scalp.

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