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7 Feb 2017

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Neurologists treat organic disorders of the nervous system medically. Psychiatrists treat mental disorders with pharmacological & other medical treatments in combination with behavioral treatments. Evidence for brain abnormalities in organic-neurological disorders is straightforward, the causes are generally known. Rapid cell death (e. g. stroke, traumatic brain injury) Far less is known about the causes of behavioral-psychiatric disorders, but there must be some abnormality in brain structure or activity. Microscopic: genetic error tay-sachs disease & huntington disease. People are seldom objective observers of their own behavior or that of a loved one. The patient and loved ones may be selective in what they notice. Evaluators have their own conceptual biases, which may influence the questions they ask and the information they gather. Neurosurgical: skull is opened and some intervention is performed on the brain. Electrophysiological: brain function is modified by stimulation through the skull. Pharmacological: chemical that affects the brain is either ingested or injected.

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