PSYB65H3 Study Guide - Final Guide: Central Sulcus, Frontal Lobe, Peripheral Nervous System

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15 Nov 2011

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Basic components of the brain. brain - starting from the most posterior part of the brain - closest to the spinal cord 2 major components: medulla basic life processes. keeps heart beating, respiratory system going, etc. cerebellum cabbage at the base of the brain. sensory and motor integration. damage - can"t walk upright etc alcoholics - damages cerebellum. The limbic system emotion and emotionality. amygdala - involved in emotion, aggression, happiness, sadness hippocampus - some people put hypothalamus here too - i. e. it has emotional aspect as well. Notice that these don"t keep you alive - but give you emotional repertoire - this is a network of structures which are tied together. Olfactory - in animals very important for everything - but in humans - we don"t depend on smell so much but limbic system still plays the role in everything to do with emotion and aggression and some sexual stuff.