PSYB65H3 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Basilar Artery, Thrombus, Angioma

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Cerebellum: sensory motor integration sends in sensory input and sends out motor output, balance ability to stand erect, sticks out at the back of the brain. Medulla: basic life processes keeps a person alive at the most basic level, eg. heart rate, breathing, etc. Reticular formation: sleep / wakefulness cycles, damage results in a coma (most likely) Forebrain the most anterior part of the brain: biggest in the human brain, relative to other parts of the brain. Thalamus: huge central portion of the forebrain, major relay center, particular in humans and higher mammals conveys information to the appropriate place in the neocortex. Hypothalamus: controls life functions (but not primitive functions) that keeps the individual alive eg. thirst, hungry, territoriality, sexual behavior, anything that feels good. Limbic system: deals with emotions and emotionality www. notesolution. com. [type the document title: allows animals to feel an emotion.