PSYB65H3 Study Guide - Final Guide: Central Nervous System Depression, Planum Temporale, Internal Carotid Artery

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Main teaching points: brain from the pharmacology perspective, self-induced drugs, how drugs work, the different kinds of drugs stimulants. Global overview of how d rugs are classified: prescription drugs drugs that doctors prescribe. airplane glue produced commercially but does not produced for its psychoactive effects. Tolerance most drugs if taken repeatedly will result in a decreasing behavioural effect. 8 receptors: instead of person being depressed, the drugs will no longer have the same dramatic event, won"t be relaxed as much. depends on the drug that whether a tolerance effect may be produced: ritalin drugs for adhd / add has no tolerance affect, lsd drugs that have tolerance effect. Withdrawal most drugs if taken for a prolonged period of time will result in the dependency of that drug (withdrawal effects) alcohol valium used as treatment to reduce withdrawal effects. the effects of withdrawal are the exact opposite of the effects of the drug.