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Chapter 8 Questions (Fill in the blanks)

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Connie Boudens

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Chapter 8 Intrapsychic Foundations1Who are BrumbaughFraley What experiment did they conduct and what were their results2Define the attachment theory3According to Freud what is personality4Which Freudian claims have evidence supporting them5The solution to the mind body problem according to Freud was simple He believed that6Instincts7Thantanos8Eros9Libido10What is free association11What is dream analysis Is there any evidence for dream analysisChapter 8 Intrapsychic Foundations12Wegner et al conducted an experiment regarding dream suppression What were the results of this experiment13Parapraxes14Freudian slips15Manifest16Latent17Relate humour and symbolic behaviour to the different concepts of Freud18Who is Carl Jung and how did he use the word association method19What is the Implicit Association Test or IAT20What is the key difference between selfreport and IAT measures of attitudes21What is the Structural Model of Personality composed of Describe each part22Draw a topographic Model of Personality Describe each part
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