PSYC02H3 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Comorbidity, Escitalopram, List Of Fables Characters

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22 Dec 2017

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Week 3 tutorial #2: tuesday may 17, 2016 email: sonya. dhillon@mail. utoronto. ca. Email research article to ta for approval. For assignments, email it as well --> waiting for prof nagy"s instructions. Sapolsky (2004) argues that stress is strongly associated with heart disease. Sapolsky cites several studies in which : multiple authors: Two: always cite both authors every time the reference occurs in text. Three-five: cite all authors the first time; cite only first author, followed by et al. and year of publication on subsequent occasions (can omit year if same citation occurs again in same paragraph) Six or more: in text, cite only first author"s name, followed by et al. and year for the first and all subsequent citations: multiple authors (example): Seeman, dubin and seeman (2003) found (first citation in text) Seeman et al. (2003) found (first citation in subsequent paragraphs) Jones, smith, john, larson, bennett, and mann (2003)

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