PSYC14H3 Study Guide - The Blind Spot, Response Bias, Construals

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13 Dec 2012

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Cross-cultural psyc: effort to recognize unity within diversity. Culture: a set of social adaptations that fulfill shared human needs (shelter, food etc. ) each culture must figure out how to fulfill them in a way that accommodates environment and social realities (agriculture, urban etc. ) Culture has basic needs and cultural response avoid illness/better hygeine. Culture is a set of solutions depends on ecological factors (climate) and social factors (affluence, density, technology, gov"t etc. ) Phase 1: cross cultural comparisons research that compares groups on a psychological variable that are similar or different for various groups (parenting style, gender diff. , risk taking, universal?) Phase 2: ecological-level studies research that focus on countries and cultures to derive generalizations 5 dimensions indiv. /coll. , power dist. ,uncertainty avoid. , masc. /fem. , and long/short term orientation. Phase 3: cultural studies indepth descriptions of cultural practices underlying cultural diff. Goes beyond mean diff. b/c it compares variables that are related across culture. Study individuals to find correlation in culture and across culture.

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