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11 Dec 2010
Cross-Cultural Social Psychology
Review Guide for Unit I
I. Self and Motivation
a. Self-Descriptions
i. Ma & Schoeneman (1997)
ii. Markus & Kitayama (1991)
b. Self-Consistency
i. Hoshino-Browne et al. (2005)
c. Self-Awareness
i. Subjective vs. Objective Self-Awareness
ii. Heine et al. (2007)
d. Implicit Theories of Self
i. Incremental Theory of Self
ii. Entity Theory of Self
e. Personality
i. Five Factor Model of Personality (Big 5)
1. Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness,
ii. Four Factor Model (from Chinese Personality Assessment Inventory)
1. Dependability, Interpersonal Relatedness, Social Potency,
iii. Two Additional Factors in Filipino Personality inventories (in addition to
Big 5)
1. Temperamentalness and Negative Valence
f. Kitayama & Markuss Model of Cultural Modes
i. Social Relations
ii. Action Regulation
iii. Mode of Being
g. Principles of Action
i. Influence vs. Adjustment
1. Morling, Kitayama, & Miyamoto (2002)
h. Self-Enhancement
i. Self-Serving Bias
ii. Downward Social Comparison
iii. Upward Social Comparison
iv. Compensatory Self-Enhancement
v. Discounting
vi. Basking in Reflected Glory
vii. Promotion Orientation
i. Self-Improvement
i. Maintaining Face
ii. Prevention Orientation
II. Morality and Emotion
a. Kohlbergs Stages of Moral Development
b. Gemeinschaft and Gesellschaft
i. Cultural Differences in Interpersonal Obligation
ii. Miller, Bersoff, & Harwood (1990)
c. Schweder & Colleagues (1997) Ethics
i. Ethic of Autonomy
ii. Ethic of Community
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