PSYC39H3 Study Guide - Confabulation, Suggestibility, Geographic Profiling

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It is based upon a book by inbau et al. called criminal interrogation and confessions. the reid model was a technique originally developed by john e. reid, who was a polygrapher. minimization techniques refer soft sell tactics used by police interrogators that are designed to lull the suspect intro a false sense of security. Tactics include: use of sympathy, excuses, and justification. maximization techniques refer to scare tactics used by police interrogators that are designed to intimidate a suspect believed to be guilty. Police interrogation relies heavily on an accurate assessment of whether the suspect is being deceptive when he or she claims to be innocent www. notesolution. com. one significant problem is that police officers occasionally use techniques to overcome the potential obstacles posed by requiring waivers to. Also many individuals do not understand the rights that are read to them.

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