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The major stimulants: the amphetamines, dextroamphetamine: isomer of amphetamine molecule; adhd, depression; available under prescription; obesity, narcolepsy, methylphenidate (ritalin): Adhd; enhance attention by boosting activity of system: methamphetamine: most potent; highly abused, methcathinone: recreational use only, no approved medical use, cocaine. Psychostimulants are drugs that increase alertness, heighten arousal, and cause behavioural excitement widespread activational effects. Shs and anxiolytics share a similar spectrum of effects. Although anxiolytics, such as minor tranquilizers, are often included as sedative hypnotics, there are many drugs used to treat anxiety disorders that would not be considered in this classification (e,g, generalized anxiety disorders). 3 major groups: benzodiazepines: most commonly abused drugs, barbiturates: available on market; involved w/ glutamate inhibition and gaba facilitation, alcohol: most highly abused recreational drug. In low doses, have a sedative, or calming effect. At doses, have a hypnotic, or sleep-inducing effect.

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