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PSYC85H3 Study Guide - Cerebral Cortex, Food Preservation, Fingerpaint

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Realist art - enlightenment movement. reproduce features of the external world. actualizing nature.
(reasoning can tell you everything about the universe)
impiricist: look to the outside world to make sense of shit.
landscape picture:romanticism, a dark scary picture, because theres emotion in it. theres stuff out there
in the world, that rationalization will not explain to us. their work is surreal.. as much as u can be
rational, there are some irrational qualities you cant explain.
john jacques rousseau: every one is born as a noble savage (ppl are born in a state that gives them the
free____ to fulfil people), we force people [thru educational setting] they undergo training and it
inhibits ppl so they cant folllow the natural inclinination they are born with. it is smothered by society.
back off if you want them to develop in a way that follows their own interests. it should be emotional
and that should be the purpose of education, instead education inhibits that and enforces rationality,
and control. finger painting thats messy. product is very surreal.
british enlightenemnt wud say " you cant finger paint, there are rules and here is good quality
paintins..." romanticism wud say.. yah its good.. go ahead do it.. be real.
Geothe: new science modeled after the physics science. you cant explain everything, science is limited.
human attributes liek creativity transcends what you can understand from it through science, also like
self transformation... science cant explain all this.
greatest threat to science is that passivity"
scholasticism: near passing now of a tradition without criticism.
you take the theory offered and never question it. you have geenrations of scholars who believe the
same thing and never question or come up with a testable hypothesis, they jsut believe its true...
impirical passivity: something is lacking, you need to be able to doubt sciences.
second quotation: science cant tolerate....... : you have particularly in germany, a tide between
institution (Science and uni) and religion.... when you have that link, scientist pretend that something
they found and believe is the whole explanation. as thats what religion does.. think link makes scientists
wanna jump the gun and emulate the whole model because they think they got the whole thing right.
Geothe scientific method: observe things and attempt to disprove things you think may be true..
geothes view: make observations and link them.. emphasized on inductive process.
enlightenmen: rationalists and very deductive abotu theories applied to the world.
geothe: make many observation, and build a theory from there so your rounding up.. inductive. so his
method is reflected in (human experiences in psychology)
19th century: zeitgiest = changes in living conditions, agricultural reforms. new methods... new machine
(need new farmers) population growth..
communication: postal service, telegraph system, info can be translated and transmitted really quick..
urbanization is happening, lots of people living together, meaning you will get sick more often. and food
preservation, canning companies, pasturization of the milk etc.
science is being asked to come up with answers/action plans to resolve these issues, so u have to go out
there and observe, and come up with recommendation and action to fix the problem, how to employ al
these people who are clustered..
so emphasis in science is to identify people who are less fit and control them, and make sure they dont
contribute to the society in a harming way. (phrenology, craniliogy )
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