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ExamNameMULTIPLE CHOICEChoose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question1The neuromodulator most closely associated with the effects of primary and secondary reinforcers1isAserotoninBepinephrineCGABADacetylcholineEdopamine2An appetitive stimulus is toas an aversive stimulus is to 2Aresponse cost negative reinforcementBstimulus generalization stimulus discriminationCnegative reinforcement positive reinforcementDpunishment positive reinforcementEspontaneous recovery extinction3An eliciting stimulus that strengthens the environmental control of behavior whether in the3classical or the operant procedure is referred to as anAreinforcerBevokerCelicitorDfocuserEenhancer4Through classical conditioning4Athe relation between the UCS and UCR is strengthenedBresponses of the autonomic nervous system are protected from becoming CRsCneutral stimuli take on some of the properties of important stimuli and can shape and modifybehaviorDlearning becomes permanent15Any eliciting stimulus that follows an operant response and decreases the strength of that response5over time is called aApositive reinforcerBequivalent stimulusCdiscriminative stimulusDnegative reinforcerEpunisher6Pavlovs original research on digestion headed in a direction that he had not originally intended6when he noticed that his dogsAbegan salivating before being fedBwould not salivate until they were fedCsalivated every time they saw himDsalivated profusely while being fedEfailed to salivate7Shaping complex behaviors in children with developmental disabilities often involves 7in which specific component skills are reinforced separately and gradually combined into patternsthat more and more closely approximate the target behaviorAspecialization trainingBresponse gradationCunit collectionDresponse chamberingEresponse partitioning8Rapid reacquisition of responding following an extinction procedure and spontaneous recovery8following an extinction procedure occur becauseAthe US was not present during extinctionBsome of the stimuli that were present during acquisition were not present during extinctionChabituation has enhanced extinctionDthe passage of time weakens responsesEthe distinction between CS and US has been lost29 is to a single pairing of theprocedure asis to a single pairing of9theprocedureAPhobia operant drug addiction learning requiresBPhobia appetitive superstition operantCSuperstition operant phobia classicalDSuperstition classical phobia appetitiveEDrug addiction operant phobia classical10Extinction will eventually occur if10Athe CS continues to be presented but is no longer followed by the UCSBneither the CS nor the UCS is presentedCthe CS and the UCS are not presented simultaneouslyDthe animal forgets the association between the neutral stimulus and the CS11Imitation and other generalized responses occur because some of the stimuli that are produced by11another persons behaviorAare the same as those stimuli produced when the observer engages in the behaviorBare novel that is they have never been observed previously by the person who is observingCare contingencygoverned rather than being rulegovernedDproduce both unconditioned and conditioned reinforcersEwere previously punishing but are now reinforcing12Suppose that a young child likes to play with toy blocks in the family room Sometimes while12playing with the blocks she misbehaves When she does this her mother or father tells her that shecan no longer play with her blocks and that she must go to her bedroom for a whileThearrangement the parents employ as a consequence of their daughters actions is calledAtime outBpositive reinforcementCdiscriminationDextinctionEnegative reinforcement3
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