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Steve Joordens

Chapter 4 The Brain ----------------------------------------------------- The Brain - CNS: - Brain and spinal cord - Spinal cord: - Long thin collection of nerve cells attached to the base of the brain and running the length of the spinal column - Spine has 7C 12T 5L [Cervical, Thoracic, Lumbar] - Peripheral Nervous System: - Everything but the brain and spinal cord - Cranial and spinal nerves - Cranial Nerve: - Bundle of nerve fibres attached to the base of the brain - Conveys sensory information from the face and head and carries messages to muscles and glands - Spinal Nerve: - Bundle of nerve fibres attached to the spinal cord - COnveys snesory information from the body and carries messages back to the muscles and glands www.notesolution.com- Brain stem: - Stem of the brain [Medulla, pons, mid-brain] - Cerebral Hemisphere: - Largest part of brain - Cerebral cortex covered and contains parts of brain that evolved most recently - Cerebellum: - A pair of hemispheres resembling the cerebral hemispheres but much smaller and lying beneath and in the back of them - Controls posture, and movement . Especially fast ones - Vertebra: - One of the bones that encase the spinal cord and constitute the vertebral column - Meninges: - Three layered set of membranes enclosing the brain and spinal cord - Cerebrospinal Fluid: - Liquid which brain and spinal cord float - Blood-brain barrier: www.notesolution.com
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