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Chapter 1: The Science of Psychology What is Psychology? Notes: N Psychology is a science with a special focus on behaviour N Explaining causes of behaviour N Psychology comes from word psukhe meaning breathe or soul and logo meaning word or reason. N Literally psychology means the science of the mind Explaining Behaviour N Psychologists explain behaviour by describing it, and becoming familiar with things that people or animals do N Learn how to categorize different types of behaviour N Discover causes of behaviour N Events that cause other events are called casual events N There are a wide variety of levels of explanation that is used to explain behaviour which makes psychology a diverse discipline The Goals of Psychological Research N Human behaviour is the root of most of the worlds problems N Purpose of explaining behaviour is for intellectual curiosity for the most part. N It can also solve many of the most important and pressing problems Fields of Psychology Physiological Psychology: N Examines the physiology of behaviour N Study learning, memory, sensory processes, emotional behaviour, motivation, sexual behaviour and sleep N Drug abuse can be explained by human physiology N Drugs can trigger the part of our brain which is involved with pleasurable events; which leads to addictions N Understanding drugs and the effect on the brain can help develop medications that breaks the addict Comparative Psychology N Studies the behaviour of members of a variety of species in an attempt to explain behaviour in terms of evolutionary adaptation to the environment N Comparative studies show that effects of drugs on all species of mammals act similar to humans N Animals can also become addicted to drugs if they can control the amount of input Behaviour Analysis N Branch of psychology that studies the effect of the environmental events on behaviour N Behaviour that produce pleasant outcomes tend to be repeated. Behaviour Genetics N Branch of psychology that studies the role of genetics in behaviour N Inherited genes from parents include blueprint for construction of our brain. N No two brains are exactly alike, therefore no matter the situation similar or different no two people will act alike www.notesolution.com
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