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Ch1 detailed chapter notes i used these to study and did well on the exams

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Steve Joordens

Chapter 1Psychology scientific studies of the causes of behaviorapplication of the findings of psychological research to solution of problemsCausal Event an event that causes another event to occurAnimism belief that all animals and all moving objects possess spirits providing their motive forceDualism belief that reality consists of mindmatterEmpiricism view that all knowledge is obtained through the sensesMaterialism belief that reality can be known through understanding of the physical world Doctrine of Specific Nerve Energies basic messages sent along the nerves was the same an electrical impulseExperimental Ablationremoval or destruction of a part of the brain to understand the functions of that specific part study of the relation between physical stimuli and perceptual experiencePsychophysicsStructuralism created by Wundt it emphasized introspective analysis of sensation and perceptionIntrospection looking within to describe ones own memories and shit like thatFunctionalism strategy of understanding a species structural or behavioural featuresBehaviourism a movement that states that the only proper subject matter for scientific study inpsychology is observable behaviourLaw of Effect Thorndlikes observation that stimuli that occur as a consequence of a response can increase or decrease the likelihood of making that response againHumanistic Psychology approach to study of human behaviour that emphasizes human experience choice and creativity Gestalt Psychology a movement that emphasized cognitive processes could be understood by studying their organization not their elements Chapter 2Correlational Study examination of relations between 2 or more measurements of behaviour or other characteristics Experiment can confirm the existence of causeandeffect relations among variablesScientific Method rules that governs the collection and analysis of data gained through observational studies or experimentsReplication repetition of an experiment or observational study to see whether previous results will be obtainedHypothesis statement designed to be tested by an experiment expresses causeandeffect relationship between 2 or more eventsTheoryset of statements designed to explain a set of phenomena Variable anything capable of assuming any several values
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