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Steve Joordens

Chapter 2 Scientific Method: A set of rules that governs the collection and analysis of data gained through observation N Scientists of all disciplines report the details of their research methods in sufficient detail that other investigators can repeat, or replicate, the research. Replication: Repetition of an experiment or observational study to see whether previous results will be obtained. One of the greatest strengths of science. It ensures erroneous results and incorrect conclusions are weeded out. Hypothesis: A statement, usually designed to be tested by an experiment, that tentatively expresses a cause- and-effect relationship btw two or more events. The starting point of any study. It is an idea, phrased as a general statement, that a scientist wishes to test through scientific research. Occur to scientists as a result of accumulated research and scholarship. Theory: A set of statements designed to explain a set of phenomena; more encompassing than a hypothesis. Describes and explains known facts, proposes relations among variables, and makes new predictions. Generates a testable hypotheses (hypotheses that can be proven or supported by sci research) N Scientists either manipulate or measure the values of variables to help evaluate hypotheses. Manipulation: Setting the values of an independent variable in an experiment to see whether the value of another variable is affected. Experimental group: A group of participants in an experiment, the members of which are exposed to a particular value of the independent variable, which has been manipulated by the researcher. Control group: A comparison group used in an experiment, the members of which are exposed to the naturally occurring
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