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Early life and educationedit photographFreuds birthplace a rented room in a locksmiths house photographFreuds mother Amalia in 1903 Freud was born to Jewish Galician parents in the Moravian town of Pbor German Freiberg in Mhren part of the Czech Republic the first of their eight children8 His father Jacob Freud 18151896 a wool merchant had two sons Emanuel 18331914 and Philipp 18361911 from his first marriage Jacobs family were Hasidic Jews and though Jacob himself had moved away from the tradition he came to be known for his Torah study He and Freuds mother Amalia ne Nathansohn 20 years her husbands junior and his third wife were married by Rabbi Isaac Noah Mannheimer on 29 July 1855 They were struggling financially and living in a rented room in a locksmiths house at Schlossergasse 117 when their son Sigmund was born9 He was born with a caul which his mother saw as a positive omen for the boys future10 In 1859 the Freud family left Freiberg Freuds half brothers emigrated to Manchester England parting him from the inseparable playmate of his early childhood Emanuels son John11 Jacob Freud took his wife and two children Freuds sister Anna was born in 1858 a brother Julius had died in infancy firstly to Leipzig and then in 1860 to Vienna where four sisters Rosa Marie Adolfine and Paula and a brother Alexander were born In 1865 the nineyearold Freud entered the Leopoldstdter KommunalRealgymnasium a prominent high school He proved an outstanding pupil and graduated from the Matura in 1873 with honors He loved literature and was proficient in German French Italian Spanish English Hebrew Latin and Greek12 Freud read William Shakespeare in English throughout his life and it has been suggested that his understanding of human psychology was derived from Shakespeares plays13 Freud entered the University of Vienna at age 17 He had planned to study law but joined the medical faculty at the university where his studies included philosophy under Franz Brentano physiology under Ernst Brcke and zoology under Darwinist professor Carl Claus14 In 1876 Freud spent four weeks at Clauss zoological research station in Trieste dissecting hundreds of eels in an inconclusive search for their male reproductive organs15 He graduated with an MD in 1881 Early career and marriageedit The following year 1882 he began his medical career in Theodor Meynerts psychiatric clinic at the Vienna General Hospital He resigned his hospital post and entered private practice in 1886 specializing
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