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Unlike Piaget, what did Vygotsky believe - Interaction with members within on’es culture When infants start smiling or giggling - bidirectional Name 3 defense mechanisms -rationaliz, identific, sublimation Motor skills develop in sequence from head to feet Cephalocaudal Which cognitive ability shows the most pronounced Ability to hold info Examining how children behave when faced with their reflection Rouge Test What is the sequence of the three prenatal stages? Zygote, embryo, fetus Which psychologist characterized each stage of human development Erik Erikson When TAs or Professors are asked very difficult questions near the end of the day Regression Having a senator in your inner family circle External locus of control After having a sudden heart attack at the young age of 30 All of the above What determines a person’s sexual orientation Genes/Biology Nazmus was known for constantly focussing on his Cardinal Trait Freud sees Mitt Romney and Barack Obama frequently Reaction Formation Infants ability to understand info about the world through people’s Social referencing Personality includes All of the above Since my midterm exam was not cancelled due to the snowstorm Sublimation Jane watches her mother pour the same amount of juice in a small glass and a tall Conservation Freud describes the balance between the three system of the mind All of the above Which theory differentiates between young adults and older adults Socio-Emotional Selectivity What impairment do Children with fetal Alcohol syndrome All of the above \An infant pushes
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