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PSYA01 Mtuner 2 1) The nucleus of a neuron, the area which houses all the genetic material, is found is which part of the nerve cell? –cell body 2) According to evolutionary theory by natural selection, it would be most advantageous for males to procreate with _____ female partners. –many 3) The gap between neuron cells is referred to as the ____.- synaptic cleft 4) A statistic used in behavioral genetics which allows us to see how genetic differences account for individual differences on some particular trait is called____.-heritability 5) What types of depth cues rely on the use of two eyes?- Binocular depth cues 6) You are outside on a starry night, looking up at a very faint star. You notice that the star appears dim when you stair directly at it, but becomes brighter when you keep it within your field of vision and look elsewhere in the sky. Why? - There are more rods than cones in the peripheral regions of the retina. 7) A washed-up celebrity goes over-board with her weekly Botox injections and suddenly finds herself being rushed into the hospital with the possibility of some sort of heart failure. Which neurotransmitter is affecting the lethal paralysis in this case?-acetylcholine 8) Johnny inherited his genes from both his parents, the resulting behaviors and outcomes that are observed in Johnny are referred to as his_____ characteristics. –phenotypic 9) While hanging up a poster in her dorm room, Tracy accidentally pricks herself with a tack and instantly feels a sharp pain, which causes her to remove her hand away from the sharp object. This resulting neural firing is caused by a temporary shift in electrical activity referred to as a(n) _____ potential. -action 10)For a trait to be selected for and survive within a gene pool across generations, It must serve a(n) _____ purpose. – adaptive 11)Failure to notice certain stimuli when selectively focused on other stimuli or a task is referred to as- Inattention blindness 12)Walking through a stairway, you wack your head very hard on the ledge, but after the pain subsides, you’re thankful that your brain in protected by a hard skull and what cushioning layer of this fluid?- meninges 13)During the resting state of the neuron before or in the absence of any sort of neural firing the interior region of the axon has a ____ charge. –negative 14)During the neural communication, when an action potential sends signals between neurons, the _____ structure of the receiving neuron is affected by various neurotransmitters. –dendrite 15) 16) 17)Glossitis refers to the inflammation on the tongue, and it can sometimes result in the destruction of the papillae. This is turn reduces the number of the taste buds on parts of the tongue, and can result in distortions or a reduction in the ability to taste. Following the treatment, the tongue is able to rebuild the papillae. Do you think that successfully treatment would also happen to reverse the alterations in the taste as well?- Yes, the taste buds replenish themselves over time. 18)One day you’re reminded of someone and you recall a past event in your life that was highly emotional for you. The experience you feel is almost as if you were reliving that experience. What system is likely activated here? – limbic system 19)Which type of class of drug would a doctor give to a patient to increase the number of dopamine neurotransmitters in the brain?- dopamine agonist 20)As
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