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Lecture 02Research Design and The Logic of CausationThe Logic of CausationWere talking about probability when talking about causation It is most likely very often to happen oFor example you go to a friends house and you see a box of toys We think that there might be a child living in that home But maybe they kept it from when they were young maybe have a grandchild testing something and etc Independent Variables oInfluence change in the dependent variableoThey are the explaining variable or the cause oCan have an impact upon another variable oThey are often represented as XY X is the IVDependent VariablesoThis is the effect or the variable that is being explained impacted upon Causation is not the main objective of a qualitative research Because qualitative research cannot evaluate the causation of the variable Hypotheses a prediction the researcher will make of what we expect the relationship of the variables will be Attributes is the thing that describes its intensity magnitude or nature It is the value of that variableoFor example low level of education it is NOT a variable the variable would be education and attributesmagnitudes would be grade levelslow medium highVariables has to have atleast 2 attributes if not it is a constant oFor example gender male or femaleConditions for CausationWhen speaking of causation we will be talking about it NOMOTHETICALLY In order for a relationship to be causal ALL must be met in order to be referr
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