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CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCING PSYCHOLOGICAL SCIENCE11The Science of Psychology 2IBM and WatsonsupercomputerPop psychology3Psychology definedThe Scientific MethodHypotheses Making PredictionsHypothesis defined4PseudoscienceTheories Explaining phenomenaTheory definedTesting hypotheses and constructing theories5The biopsychosocial model defined6Building Scientific literacy Scientific Literacy The biopsychosocial model chart with examples7How we learn and rememberMassing vs Spacing to Study from cue cards8Critical Thinking Curiosity and a Dose of SkepticismCritical Thinking defined9SkepticismDeveloping critical thinking10Abducted by aliensPrinciple of parsimony 12How Psychology Became a Science 13Essentialismsignificance to certain objects and not others14Empiricism Determinism Dualism Materialism ZeitgistFree will versus determinism15Major events in the history of psychology timeline16Influences from physics experimenting with the minPsychophysics Fechner different weights in both handsInfluences from evolutionary theory the adaptive functions of behaviourDarwin artificial selection and natural selection17Influences from medicine diagnosis and treatmentClinical psychologyPhrenology and localizationBrocas area and wernickes areaPsychosomatic medicine18PsychoanalysisSigmund freudMedical modelThe influence of social sciences measuring the comparing humansgalton eminence shakesphere Charles Darwin19Nature and nurture relationshipsEugenicgood genesBiological psychologyHow genes affect characteristics20The beginning of contemporary psychologyStructuralism and functionalism Wilhelm Wundt introspectionto look withinStructuralism definedtitchener21The principles of psychologyFunctionalismThe rise of behaviourismrubber mallet and kneecapClassical conditioningBehaviourism22Watson skinnerHumanistic psychology23The cognitive revolution Gestalt psychology 24Social and cultural influencesCognitive psychologySocial and personality psychology13Putting Psychology to work Careers in psychology and related fields27Weddlfish and AntarcticaProfessions in psychology28Research and teaching applied psychology academic psychologyPsychological health and wellbeing psychiatry forensic psychology29School psychologyEmployment in psychology chartHealth and Medical Professions health psychology 30Psychology in the cooperate world industrial and organizational psychologyHuman factors psychology environmental psychology Psychology in general all fieldsCaveat emptorCHAPTER 2 READING AND EVALUATING SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH21Principles of Scientific Research37Classical music made young children smarterMozart effect or programObjectivity and subjective38The 5 characteristics of Quality Scientific Research Scientific measurement objectivity reliability and validityobjective measurements variable selfreporting39Operational definitionsReliabilityValidity40Generalizability of results generalizability population sample random sample convenience sample ecological validity Sources of Bias in psychological research Hawthorne effect 41Demand Characteristics and Participant behaviourDemand characteristicsSocial desirability social desirable responding42Wearing backpack and going up rampPlacebo effect 43The hospital the placebo effectTechniques that reduce bias anonymity confidentialitySingle vs double blind study Sharing the results44Peer reviewsReplicationsJournal of 45Risky Paths to Truth Anecdotes authority and common sense
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