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Steve Joordens

Chapter 1 What is psychology y Psychologyscientific study of the discovery and explaining the causes of behavior application of the finding of psychological research to the solution of problems y Literally means the study of the mind y Incorporates the study of the brain bc its the organ that contains the mind and controls behavior Explaining behavior y Ultimate goalunderstand human behavior and explain why people do what they do y How do psychologists provide an explanation of behavior o Describe itbecome familiar with thing that people do learn how to categorize and measure behavior so that tests can be repeated with similar results o Discover the causes of the behavior observedevents responsible for its occurrence o Casual eventsevents that cause other events inc behave to occur o Different levels of explanationresult in diverse disciplineLook inside org in a literal sense seeking physiological causesLook inside org in a metaphorical senseexplaining behavior in terms of hypothetical mental states anger fear curiosity loveLook only for events in the environmentinc things that other people do that cause behaviors to occur The goals for psychological research y Intellectual curiosity y Holds the promise of showing us how to solve our most important and pressing problems y Human behavior is at the root of most of the worlds problems o Poverty crime overpopulation drug addiction bigotry pollution terrorism and war Fields of psychology y Research psychologist differ from one another in 2 principal ways o In the types of behavior they investigate o In the casual events they analyze o Ex focus on physiological events vs environmental effects
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