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Steve Joordens

Chapter 2 The scientific method in psychology y Goalto discover the causes of behavior y Must describe the behaviors and events that are responsible for their occurrence thoroughly and appropriately y Scientific method consists of a set of rules that dictates the collection and analysis of data gained through observational studies or experiments o Based on logic and common sense not arbitrary y 3 major types of scientific research o naturalistic observationobservation of people or animals in their natural environmentleast formal and constrained by fewest rulesprovide foundations of biological and social sciences o correlation studiesobservation in nature but involve more formal measurement of environmental events of individuals physical and social characteristics and of their behaviourexamination of relations between 2 measurements of behavior or other characteristics of peopleanimals o experimentsgo beyond measurement make something happen and observation resultsonly thing that can positively identify the causal relations among eventsstudy where independent variable can be changed and observe whether manipulation affects value of dependant variableonly thing that can confirm the existence of causeandeffect relations among variablesprovide general accounts of phenomena stumbled upon y steps of the scientific method o identify the problem and formulate hypothetical causeandeffect relations among variable o design the experiment
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